Can you make house calls and provide on-site advice?
Yes, when applicable.

Are landowners charged for the RCD's services?
No. Our services for house calls and consultation are free.  We also offer fee-for-service work to businesses, agencies and individuals for a variety of resource conservation project needs. We do charge a nominal fee for photo copying costs. Our library resources are open to public use, but may not leave the office or be purchased.

Do you report violations observed on private property?
No! Maintaining strict confidentiality with landowners is a top priority for the SSCRCD. We are a non-regulatory agency, and we work hard to protect the privacy of our constituents. We would rather work more affirmatively and positively to assist the landowner in addressing their issue or problem.

Does the RCD provide help with conservation project funding?
Yes! We can help connect landowners with information about public and private grant money for their conservation projects. Most assistance grants require that landowners match funding with cash or in-kind participation.

Can you provide limited engineering assistance?
Yes. In-the-field consultation can be arranged by appointment and handled by engineering technicians. Services of a licensed engineer must be arranged separately by the property owner.

Can you help me determine what permits are needed for my project?
Yes. Outlining the necessary permits and agency requirements that apply to conservation projects can be tricky, and we can help.

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