FARMS Leadership Program at Cresta Ranch - March 8, 2011

On March 8th, Eco-Action students from Analy High School planted oaks, bay, toyon and other native trees and shrubs along Porter Creek at the Cresta Ranch. This was the FARMS Leadership Program's second visit to Cresta Ranch this planting season to support Sotoyome Resource Conservation District, the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District (SCAPOSD), and Friends of the Mark West Watershed (FOMWW) in enhancing this stretch of Porter Creek.

Utilizing environmental education funding from SCAPOSD to further leverage a grant from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation via funding support from PG&E and The Nature Restoration Trust, Southern Sonoma County RCD with partners Sotoyome RCD and SCAPOSD, hosted David Casey's Eco Action class for a day of hands on service learning at the Cresta property.

The property, recently acquired by SCAPOSD, boasts preservation of 340 acres of oak woodlands, riparian habitat and grazing land. Students learned from representatives of these partner organizations about the role of creek restoration in enhancing habitat and water quality and the role of seasonal grazing in land management. The project compliments the working landscape as well as future plans for management by Sonoma County Regional Parks. The students, together with FOMWW volunteers, planted trees and shrubs as part of a riparian restoration project to enhance water quality and wildlife habitat. Other activities included the installation of protective cages to exclude grazing cattle and protect the new seedlings.

We thank our partners for another successful field day and commend teacher, David Casey, and the students from Analy's Eco Action class, who were very engaged and worked hard! Thanks to the dedicated volunteers and stewards from the FOMWW for the key role that they play, and thanks to the generous contributions of PG&E which support community-based conservation of California’s natural resources.

To learn more about the FARMS Leadership Program and read about our other field trips for the current and past school years, check out the Center for Land-Based Learning's website at:

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