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What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the entire area of land that drains into a distinct creek or river system. It includes creeks, drainage areas, ditches, storm drains, flood plains, and land that water flows over or under on the way to a creek or bay. Watersheds catch and store rain. Climate, elevation, soil, plants, steepness of the land, and size of the watershed affect the rate at which stored water is released from the watershed into creeks.

Petaluma River Watershed »
Located in southern Sonoma County, and a portion of northeastern Marin County, the Petaluma River Watershed encompasses a 146 square mile, pear-shaped basin. The watershed is approximately 19 miles long and 13 miles wide with the City of Petaluma near its center.

Sonoma Creek Watershed »
The Sonoma Creek watershed consists of 170 square miles which drains into the San Pablo Bay. The watershed has a Mediterranean climate resulting in cool to warm, dry summers and cool moist winters.

Stemple Creek Watershed »
The Stemple Creek watershed is a sub-watershed of the Bodega Bay watershed, in Marin and Sonoma Counties. It lies approximately 40 miles northwest of San Francisco.

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