About Us

Sky Pharmacy is a pharmacy where you can get advice on medicines and select analogs of expensive drugs. Here you can buy medical products without queues and without the ability to catch a virus or infection. It is enough to type the name of the drug in the search bar and you will see various options and dosage forms.

The assortment of most organizations in an online form is based on such products:

Our pharmacy presents various categories of drugs – sedatives, birth control pills, men’s’ health medications, antibiotics, antivirals, herbals, etc.

Our pharmacists are ready to consult you on the use of the medications but we remind you that you need to use any medications only after consulting a doctor.

In order to make the search for medicines easier and more productive for users, Sky Pharmacy has created a rich assortment of products. All drugs are divided into categories and this can significantly save time and effort in finding the right medical product.

To place an order on this website, it is enough to find the right product, add it to the shopping cart, fill in all the necessary fields and wait for the delivery. You can either choose EMS or regular airmail delivery – it depends on your preferences.

With Sky Pharmacy, it is much easier to place and get an order since the goods are delivered to your house door and there is no need to go anywhere.