Jack Taylor, Pharmacist

Mr. Taylor is working at Sky Pharmacy for over 7 years already. He has graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He is fond of medicine, pharmacy, and medications’ development. He is planning to expand his knowledge in this sphere. Jack Taylor is married. He is 35. He has two daughters: Merry and Emmy. His wife is going to bring another child to this world: a son.

Toby Mellor, Pharmacist

Mr. Mellor is 50. He has graduated from medical school with a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical business. He spends his time working at Sky Pharmacy. His overall experience in the pharmaceutical business is 20 years. He starts working in the conventional drugstore and now he is busy at our service. He is married. He has 2 teenagers: Medalin and Groover. They spend their spare time together traveling.

Millie Harper, Pharmacist

Millie Harper is a new-worker of our online pharmacy. She starts expanding the experience she has. She has knowledge of working process organization. She is good at communicating with people. She is polite, attentive, friendly. She is single, she is 25 years old. She only begins her carrier. She spends free time visiting friends, new cities, small towns. She is fond of cats and dogs.