Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Erectile dysfunction is a violation of circulation in penile blood vessels, which leads to an inability to perform sexual intercourse. Very often this concept is replaced by term “impotence”, but impotence has a broader designation, and except for erectile dysfunction include decreased libido, inability to fertilization. The term “erectile dysfunction” is used when a man has no erection manifestations.

What Is the Average Age for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction may occur at any age, and its causes may be somatic diseases – diabetes, hypertension.

IMPORTANT: Erectile dysfunction at a young age, usually has psychological roots. In most cases, it is curable, but treatment is selected individually depending on the reasons which have caused it.

Erectile dysfunction in young men in our time is a rather common problem. The question is, what age should be considered young looking through lack of erection if a man should ideally maintain a potency to old age? Since the time of greatest sexual activity is considered to be under the age of 35 years, lack of erection in this and earlier age is considered to be early impotence.young impotence
The symptoms of erectile dysfunction at a young age:

Causes of impotence may be of psychogenic or organic nature. Psychogenic causes are stress, depression, organic – related disturbances in the body. They are characteristic not only for young men but also for a more mature generation.

As a rule, at early impotence psychological reasons are dominated, developing psychogenic impotence. These reasons are low self-esteem, uncertainty in your own abilities, especially when you have no sexual experience at all.

Causes of impotence in men over 50 are connected, as a rule, with disorders in the body – atherosclerosis, diabetes, prostatitis, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, effects of deteriorating habits (alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs abuse), because of deteriorating disease of vessel walls, particularly genital vessels. Blood supply to the penis is getting worse, violated metabolic processes in its tissues.

IMPORTANT: Lifestyle greatly affects male potency, so alcohol plays a significant role in the deterioration of erectile function.

Most frequent impotence causes in young age are:

Causes of impotence at the age of 30 years are a lack of normal sexual life, which can lead to stagnation in the pelvic area, poor circulation and microcirculation, metabolic disorders. These processes entail the progression of erectile dysfunction.

Causes of impotence at the age of 40 years are often mixed. By this age, there are systemic diseases, which are backed by psychological factors – stress at work, nervous stress.

In erectile dysfunction treatment, you must first identify the cause of violation: if the cause has a psychological nature, see a psychologist; if the cause has somatic disorders nature – cure the underlying disease, which blocks erectile function. Take care of psychological and physical health and then you will be safe from impotence. And if problem is still present, do not be afraid to consult a specialist. Modern medicine offers a lot of methods of erectile dysfunction treatment, for example, pills, injections, vacuum therapy, and even penile prosthesis.

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