Israel Breaknews: Coronavirus Patient Began to be Treated with Experimental Medicine

Experiments have shown that Aralen (chloroquine) – a drug for malaria – slows down the spread of coronavirus.

This can be a medicine that could possibly cope with coronavirus. At the Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Tiberias, a patient with a severe form of the disease was first introduced with a drug that showed the ability to suppress coronavirus during experiments in China. Despite treatment, the patient’s condition remains extremely severe.

This medicine has been already known for over 70 years. This drug is chloroquine. It is familiar to tourists as a means of preventing and treating malaria. In addition, it is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

A 39-year-old Israeli patient was diagnosed with coronavirus pneumonia on March 5. It is known that this man lives in East Jerusalem, he is single, has no family and children.Israel Breaknews_ Coronavirus Patient Began to be Treated with Experimental Medicine

This is a tourist bus driver who has been in contact with tourists from Spain, Germany, and Greece. He went to the Poria Hospital in Tiberias, feeling ill. He was diagnosed with coronavirus infection. It is known that the patient developed bilateral pneumonia.

As early as March 5, his condition was stable, he was conscious, but on March 6, a sharp deterioration began. Doctors were forced to immerse the patient in an artificial coma.

After consultations with leading Israeli infectious disease specialists, it was decided to start treatment with chloroquine (the main component of Aralen), which has been shown to be effective in a number of experiments.

Anti-virus medicine

Chloroquine was developed in 1934. Its molecule penetrates the blood and inhibits the reproduction mechanisms of infectious agents. The medicine has an anti-inflammatory effect and is also used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

In recent weeks, Chinese doctors began to use it to treat patients with coronavirus infection, it is used in 10 hospitals in China. The medicine was tested on 100 patients. its use dramatically improved patients’ condition.

According to reports from China, chloroquine shortened the disease duration quickly. It makes the fever down. Consequently, computed tomography showed a significant improvement in the lung condition.

Meanwhile, the spread of the virus continues: according to March 6, 101.703 people were infected in 96 countries, 3461 people died. In Israel, an infection was diagnosed in 21 patients.

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