Severe Depression: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Severe depression is a real problem of the 21st century as it affects many people. People do not know what to do when severe depression begins. You should reflect and understand yourself and reconsider your life from the beginning. Severe depression is a mental disorder marked and included depressive triad:

Severe depression is expressed by loss of interest in life, to usual activities, as well as low self-esteem. In some cases, people experience depression, starting to abuse alcohol or available psychotropic substances.


Very severe depression manifests itself as a pathological effect and people perceive it as laziness or bad character, pessimism, selfishness. However, we must remember that very severe depression is often psychosomatic disease, there is a need for treatment by specialists. The sooner the diagnosis and timely treatment started, the more likely the success of early recovery is. Severe depression can be treated effectively, despite widespread among the population.

Symptoms of Severe Depression

Symptoms are various: physiological, emotional, mental, behavioral.

There is an opinion among the people that depression is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign that people were trying to be strong for too long. If people recover quickly, but not for a long time remained in a depressed mood, losing interest in previously pleasurable activities become a pessimist, constantly I felt anxiety, worthlessness, guilt, fear, this could be acceptable.

Signs of depression include very severe inability to make decisions, low self-esteem, increased or decreased appetite, sleep disturbances (insomnia, oversleeping).

Severe depression is diagnosed after having all the signs and symptoms for more than two weeks. Children’s severe depression and its symptoms include nightmares, loss of appetite, problems at school, the emergence of alienation, aggression.aggression

Treatment of Severe Depression

It is important to eliminate negative thinking and stop worrying about negative moments happened in your life. From that moment you should begin to see only good things in the future. Change tone of communication in the family for a friendly, forget for criticism, condemnation and conflicts.

Not every patient should be hospitalized immediately, treatment is possible to be carried out on an outpatient basis.

The treatment of severe depression includes:

An important condition for treatment effectiveness is trust and co-operation with your doctor. You must comply with all requirements of therapy mode, as well as regular visits to the doctor, giving a detailed account of your condition.

Relatives should support and entourage a sick person but do not dive with him or her into a depression.

Avoid criticism towards the patient, involve him or her in useful activities at home. A strong current of disease, spontaneous recovery occurs very rarely.

Pharmacotherapy includes antidepressants (clomipramine, imipramine, paroxetine, fluoxetine). Anxiety depression is treated with drugs sedation. If there is a marked depression with suicidal disturbing preconditions, use in treatment amitriptyline.

If the patient has poor tolerance to antidepressants or high blood pressure, Coaxial is prescribed. By its nature, the drug is intermediate between stimulant and sedating antidepressants, influencing mood disorder.

All antidepressants in structure have a complex chemical composition by acting differently. Drugs from Sky Pharmacy relieve anxiety, prevent loss of serotonin. The drugs should be prescribed by a doctor only, self-medicating is strictly forbidden, even in spite of strong depression. The effect of many antidepressants begins to appear two weeks after the start of the treatment. The dosage for the patient is determined individually, in most cases, you should take medication for up to six months, and in rare cases up to several years (in order to avoid relapse).

How to Get Rid of Severe Depression?

An effective method in the treatment of severe depression may make a combination of two antidepressants or add other substances (anticonvulsants, thyroid hormones, estrogens, folic acid, etc.). Behavioral therapy encourages patients to carry out only a pleasant activity and to exclude completely painful and unpleasant emotions.

Cognitive therapy performs in conjunction with behavioral techniques, cognitive distortions eliminates depressive character and pessimistic thoughts that prevent useful activity.

In the treatment of severe depression, the greatest role is played by:

Viktor Frankl first identified the causes of disease as a lack of meaning in life. And reasons that sick people take as true – divorce, job loss, lack of money – are the catalysts that speed up process of depressive disorder development. Meaning misunderstanding of life, as well as its absence, leads a person to mental disease appearance. Do always something that will make you happy, thereof do not confuse pleasure with the meaning of life. The true meaning of life lies in happiness. And you can get it by developing your soul, dwelling only on positive, letting in the life of friendship, love, gratitude and respect.

Severe depression, what to do? Make yourself move, walking and running more because movement implies life.

Choose a relaxing sport. It can be table tennis, jogging, cycling. Physical activity will trigger endorphins that improve your mood. Be sure to take control of personal emotions, manage them, controlling energy. Resort to smile and laugh. Mechanically smiling, the human body also secretes endorphins, responsible for happiness. The brain does not understand: you are sincere in the moment of a smile, and continues to produce hormones of happiness.

A very important point in treatment is a balanced, vitamin-rich diet. A depressed person is able to absorb a lot of food in a short period of time. It helps, but only for a while, and further deterioration occurs. Knowing which properties products have, you can achieve the desired result. For example, paprika, spinach, lettuce, cabbage improve mood. Milk and beer contain morphine-substance. Bananas are rich in serotonin, giving a person a feeling of joy and lightness. Chocolate notes the presence of endorphins, which stimulates the human mood. And all the sweets that are composed of glucose, can make a person more cheerful.

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