What is Pneumothorax?

PneumothoraxPneumothorax is understood as air congestion in a pleural cavity. It is distinguished two forms of the disease:

Treatment of the last is carried out in the hospital. At an open form, the air gets to the pleural cavity from the outside. Similar situations, as a rule, develop a violation of thorax integrity. The closed pneumothorax is connected with the intake of air from within. We will notice that today the greatest distribution was gained by spontaneous pneumothorax. It isn’t connected with mechanical thorax injuries in any way and arises in an organism owing to injuries or as a complication at medical influences.


The causes of pneumothorax may be different. Let’s grapple with them:


Sky Pharmacy points out that the treatment of pneumothorax should be timely started not to lead to severe ramifications. It is very important and it is essential to take care of your health condition.

The help at pneumothorax has to be immediate as human life depends on it. Especially, it concerns those cases when air gets to the pleural cavity from the outside. Open pneumothorax is required urgent transfer to the closed-form. For this purpose, a patient should apply a tight temporary bandage. In the absence of special medical materials as a bandage, it is possible to use some layers of usual gauze over which the oilcloth or compress cotton is imposed. After the patient’s delivery carry urgently out to a hospital such operations as drainage of the pleural cavity, pleurectomy, audit of lung and surgical processing of wound are conducted. Spontaneous pneumothorax which reasons aren’t connected with mechanical injuries of the thorax in any way also belongs to life-threatening states and demands obligatory hospitalization of the patient. If the illness proceeds without pronounced violations of respiratory function, the help at pneumothorax consists in the observance of bed rest and restriction of free movement.

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